About Us

We are a women’s Morris Dancing team, based in Stony Stratford, in the north-west corner of Milton Keynes.  Stony, with its annual festival of live music and dance is the perfect base for us.

We are a friendly group of women who love to dance.  Our dances mainly come from, or are based on, traditional Isle of Man dances.    Some of our dances are also influenced by the Garland tradition which began in the 1800s in the mill towns of north-west England.

We enjoy dancing out with other local dance groups, usually outside a pub where we can quench our thirst after an enthusiastic evening’s dancing.  In June we organise Midsummer Madness with other dance groups.  It takes place at the Piazza at The Hub on the Friday nearest June 21st.  It is when we celebrate midsummer by “dancing the light away”.

Recently we have been asked to provide workshops for schools and other groups for young people as well as dancing at fetes and other community events.

You can find us at a variety of local events such as:

  • May Day celebrations
  • Stony Live : Stony Stratford’s festival of live music and dance
  • Midsummer Madness
  • Stony Lights: Stony’s Christmas Lights event

We welcome new dancers and musicians, so please come and see what we do!


of the side is open to all subject to the approval and acceptance of the elected officers.
Members of the side will pay a subscription fee by Standing Order from a Bank Account on the 1stday of each month. The subscription payment will start following a three month trial. This amount will be reviewed each year at the AGM
Honorary membership will be awarded to our Musicians who will have voting rights at any meeting but will not be expected to pay a subscription.




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